National Media Quote Raeann Warner as Sex Abuse Specialist in Molly Shattuck Case

Raeann Warner of Jacobs & Crumplar was recently quoted by the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun on the sentencing of Molly Shattuck.

In June 2015, Shattuck pled guilty to fourth degree rape in the sexual assault of a 15 year old boy. She was sentenced on August 21, 2015 to 48 weekends in a community corrections center. Raeann commented on the light sentence given to Shattuck.

In the Washington Post:

Raeann Warner, a Delaware attorney who specializes in sexual abuse cases, said she was surprised that Shattuck was not given any prison time.
“It just seems light … and not in accord with sentences in cases involving less heinous sexual acts that were committed by males,” Warner said. “I hope it’s not because she’s a woman.”

In the Baltimore Sun:

Raeann Warner, a civil attorney in Delaware who represents sexual abuse victims, said she was surprised by the sentence. She said many people tend to think that abuse by female perpetrators against male victims is less serious than it is. “That’s not fair or right, because boys are just as scarred by this,” she said.

Tom Crumplar has previously blogged about this case and the double standards he pointed out when women rape young boys appear to have been borne out in the sentencing of Molly Shattuck.