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Chicago Diocese Covered Up Years of Abuse

The cover-up.  Be it in politics or business, the problem of the cover-up is constant.  Admitting that you made a mistake and failed to stop bad behavior is such an easy thing to do; but so often, instead of admitting mistakes, people and organizations try and cover up their mistakes.   Recently in Chicago news broke that for decades the Catholic Diocese of Chicago hid evidence that many priests in its Diocese were abusing children.  March Pearlman, another attorney who has represented victims of sex abuse summed it up best when he said, “The issue is not when the abuse happened; the issue is what they did once it was reported.”In Chicago Diocese officials did worst than do nothing, they covered up evidence and allowed sexual predators further opportunities to abuse children.  Sadly, what happened in Chicago also happened in countless other dioceses around the country including Wilmington where Jacobs & Crumplar represented many individuals who were abused by priests employed by the Diocese of Wilmington. Jacobs & Crumplar has fought and continues to fight to hold institutions accountable for their cover-ups.

For more information about the cover-up in Chicago click on the below link.