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Your Rights Under ERISA

All too often, Employers are giving their retired and former employees the “shaft“ when it comes to honoring promises made while you were giving your all to the Corporation. Years ago, Congress passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which was designed to protect employees and to prevent big Corporations from running roughshod over them. Sadly, like many well-meaning government reforms, the reverse is now true. ERISA has been interpreted by the Court as almost a ‘blank check” for corporations to do what they want in cutting back on promised benefits. There are ways you can defeat your former employer, but you cannot do it alone.

Jacobs and Crumplar is one of a select group of lawyers in the Mid-Atlantic region (MD, NJ, PA and DE), who have a track record of successfully winning ERISA claims. Most of our victories have resulted in confidential settlements, which cannot be disclosed. We do have one case, which we can cite to because there was no settlement- we had to fight it all the way: Pell 06 5088 v. DuPont De Nemours Company Incorporated 06 5006.

We are happy to discuss your ERISA issues. We charge flat consultation fee of $250, which is a deep discount of our normal hourly rates. If we think your case is meritorious, we are willing to discuss a fee arraignment that would work for you and us. Please note – time is of the essence in ERISA and how the administrative appeals with the Company are handled will often determine if you are to have any chance at all of a possible lawsuit.

To speak to an experienced and knowledgeable ERISA lawyer regarding your legal options, call Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. at 302-656-5445 today or submit an online inquiry.



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