Attorney Referral/Co-Counsel

Local Counsel.  Jacobs & Crumplar regularly serves as “local counsel” for attorneys who are from out of state.  We do so in all Courts – Superior Court, District Court, Bankruptcy Court, the Court of Chancery, and at the Supreme Court.  We serve as local counsel in bankruptcy, corporate, employment, environmental, general tort, patent, pharmaceutical, and product liability cases.  We can get an out of state attorney admitted pro hac vice and serve as a knowledgeable resource for Delaware procedural and substantive law and practice.  Delaware is unique from many states in that only Delaware licensed counsel may file pleadings and must attend Court proceedings with out of state counsel.  Our staff is very skilled at assisting out of state counsel in this regard as well.  We strive to make our co-counsel relationships as convenient and mutually rewarding as possible.  We offer competitive rates, both hourly and contingent.

Attorney Referrals. We also give attorney referrals if you are an attorney and have a case that you want to refer to us.  We appreciate your confidence in us.


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