Lawsuit Filed Against Robert Richards IV For Sexually Abusing Children


Today, as reported by Cris Barrish of The News Journal, WDEL, and other news media, Jacobs & Crumplar filed suit  under the 2007 Child Victims Act in Sussex County Superior Court on behalf of plaintiffs Tracy Richard and her children for the sexual abuse inflicted upon them by their father Robert Richards IV.

The lawsuit alleges that the Defendant is a diagnosed pedophile with a sexual disorder.  It alleges that in 2005 when his daughter was just three years old at the time of the childhood sexual abuse and that he also sexually abused her little brother who at the time was only 19 months old.

This abuse of both of his children continued until 2007 when his daughter reported her abuse to her maternal grandmother.  After allegedly failing a lie detector test in 2008, the Defendant then pled guilty in Superior Court to one count of intentional rape in the 4th degree, sexual penetration of a victim less than 16, a felony.  He received no jail time at all for this felony conviction and instead was put on eight years probation and ordered to stay away from children.

Furthermore, in 2010 the Defendant then admitted to the probation bureau that he believed he may have also had abused his son, Robert V.  No additional criminal proceedings were forthcoming even after these new revelations.The purpose of the lawsuit is to obtain adequate compensation and medical care for these two innocent little children for problems which will last their lifetimes.  In addition, it is hoped that their lawsuit will send a clear signal to child abusers and their enablers everywhere that such outrageous conduct will not be tolerated.






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A Message to Our Clients

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