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Arrest of Deputy AG for Rape of a 16 Year Boy

If the allegations are true we have sadly more proof that childhood sex abuse involves all classes of society, the rich and poor the powerful and the weak are all involved. Once when I was interviewed for a nationally syndicated radio show I was asked why there were so many cases now ,was it that  society had gotten worse, I said no I thought the victims were now starting to fight back as finally society was paying attention.

I applaud this young man and his family. Taking on an alleged abuser who works for the Attorney General’s office (the very office charged with prosecuting abuse )takes a  lot of courage. Although I have every confidence the AG’s office will prosecute this case with vigor, some consideration should be given by the family and their supporters to hiring a private attorney. All too often victims of crime come to private civil attorneys only after they are disappointed with the results of the criminal proceedings. If they had retained the private civil attorney early on,that attorney could be advocating for the victim’s rights during the entire criminal process. One often overlooked provision of criminal sentencing is “restitution.” There is no reason why for instance a sentencing judge could not order the defendant as part of plea bargain to make certain payments to the victim.  Many civil attorneys would be willing to take on such a case on a contingent basis (being paid out of the restitution award or a subsequent civil suit)

It must be remembered the prosecutor represents the State and sometimes for various reasons they may not have the exact same interests as the victim-hence the need for the victim to have his or her own advocate.