Tower Hill , Salesianum and the Simmons Delaware AG Sex Case

Let’s hope there is finally some progress from institutions in reporting abuse and in supporting the victim. According to the  News Journal it was someone from Salesianum, the victims’s school, who reported the crime. If so, one must assume a that all the prior abuse scandals and lawsuits that surrounded that school have finally made a difference. I wonder, however, if Tower Hill gets it. In its recent letter to the parents about the latest case of abuse by someone associated with Tower Hill, the school notes as of yet none of the victims are associated with Tower Hill- only the abusers.
Sexual Abuse of Children is everyone’s problem and everyone must do their part to maintain a policy of zero tolerance. If Simmons is guilty, and according to the press account he has confessed, I would hope he is appropriately punished. Lawyers have a special responsibility to obey the law and prosecutors even more so. Finally we can never forget the victim or victims he must be adequately compensated and protected..