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Vatican /Delucca and the Defrocking of Priests for Child Sex Abuse

The Vatican with great fanfare has bragged about all the priests they have defrocked for the abuse of the children of the Church. Much more has to be done by the Church before the problem of Priest preying on the children is solved. The Church must adopt a stringent policy of zero tolerance.

Defrocking is a powerful deterrent to most priests as it threatens their entire identity. Because it is so important to the priest there is a detailed process the Church has to go through if the Priest contests it. But like anything else if the Church really wants someone defrocked it can move quickly

A case in point in the case involving the infamous Francis Delucca a Delaware priest who had abused over 30p boys. After he was caught abusing his great nephew and sent to prison the Church finally started defrocking proceedings. These were moving very slowly until trial against the Wilmington Diocese for its grossly negligent handling of Delucca was set to begin and PRESTO out of nowhere there is a big press announcement timed on the eve of trial that the Vatican had now defrocked Delucca and that he was no longer a priest etc.