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Medical Budget Cuts Mean Less Care For Our Loved Ones

With our aging population and the attempt by medical providing agencies such as the VA and Medicaid/Medicare to limit expenses by under-staffing hospitals and nursing facilities, more and more patients are being mistreated. This applies to seniors but also to anyone who seeks long term care from such agencies. In addition, private nursing facilities also limit care to cut expenses.

Thus, when your loved one is placed in such a situation you need to be very observant and watch carefully the services provided. They should not be over-medicated to make them lay or sit all day. This leads to mental deterioration and physical deterioration.

Bed sores are the number one problem due to the concept of the medical facilities being a storage place rather than a place for treatment and care.

Do not sit by and allow your loved one to be vegetated; insist on physical activity and if the facility does not have exercise bicycles or tread mills make sure they are provided. If not, you must walk your loved one around the halls or make them wheel their chairs.

If the lack of care causes deterioration, physical or mental, then you must decide if the care is so bad that the deterioration is a result of below-standard care.

We have successfully represented families with such concerns against these institutions, government or private, to help your loved one get proper treatment or compensation for mistreatment.

Patients need protection; make sure your loved ones are protected. Contact Jacobs & Crumplar today.