Children are the Victims, Not the Pedophiles Who Abused Them

Margo Kaplan’s article recent NY Times article is an interesting, but somewhat disturbing, read. She makes the point that being a pedophile is different than acting upon it.

The author claims “Without legal protection, a pedophile cannot risk seeking treatment or disclosing his status to anyone for support. He could lose his job, and future job prospects, if he is seen at a group-therapy session, asks for a reasonable accommodation to take medication or see a psychiatrist, or requests a limit in his interaction with children.”

This is wrong and disturbing on a number of levels. First, consultation with a doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist and/or lawyer is confidential and the pedophile’s identity cannot be disclosed. So the pedophile does have legal protection to allow him to seek treatment and disclose his status.

Second, he can take medication or see a psychiatrist on his own time. Third, his job duties should never include “interaction with children” at all.

The article blames society, in part, for pedophiles acting out. If a pedophile chooses to act out, he has no one to blame but himself. Childhood sexual abuse is a scourge on our country – the headlines continue day after day despite increased criminal and civil penalties.

We should always err on the side of protecting vulnerable, innocent children from pedophiles.

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