Dangerous Drinking Water Near Mountaire Farms

Delaware toxic tort lawyers are investigating dangerous drinking water near Mountaire FarmsAs reported in The News Journal and other Delaware media repeatedly in recent weeks, homeowners surrounding the area of Mountaire Farm’s Millsboro, Delaware poultry processing plant have been warned against drinking their well water due to potentially dangerous levels of nitrate and fecal coliform in the groundwater from the plant.  At least 25 homes have been found to have levels of nitrate significantly in excess of federal drinking water standards.  DNREC issued a citation to Mountaire Farms for polluting the groundwater near its plant and Mountaire has admitted to wastewater violations.  Residents and neighbors of this plant are understandably concerned about their health and the effects of this pollution.

Jacobs & Crumplar, who have successfully litigated environmental claims in Delaware, and co – counsel Nidel & Nace, who have broad and unique successful experience in environmental claims, are currently investigating this matter on behalf of their clients and request that anyone with information about this come forward to assist them in obtaining evidence.

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