Bridgeville Car Accident Fatally Injures Maryland Man

Bridgeville Car Accident Fatally Injures Maryland ManA man sustained fatal injuries after a car accident in Bridgeville, Delaware on Sunday night. Just after 11 pm, the fatal car crash occurred when a sedan traveling at a high speed was hit by another car on the left front and side of the sedan. The 30-year-old man from Stevensville, Maryland who was driving the car that was struck succumbed to his fatal injuries at the scene of the Bridgeville car accident while the 18-year-old woman driving the other vehicle exited the crash without any personal injuries.

Excessive speed may lead to serious accidents on the road, whether the highway is deserted or congested. Any parties involved in the collision may incur a spate of injuries or even fatalities. Other contributing factors in a car accident may include drowsy driving, intoxicated driving, or texting while driving.

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