Memorial Day Weekend Slip and Fall Hazards

Wilmington slip and fall lawyers fight for those injured in preventable accidents over the holiday weekend.As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend brings millions of Americans back to the beach, the campground, and the pool. Every summer, families make memories to last a lifetime. With all this activity comes an increased risk of slip and fall accidents. While the ice and snow are long gone, summer fun brings its own hazards.

According to research, falls are the most common reason for emergency room visits in this country. More than one in ten serious falls is a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents cause bruises, broken bones, lacerations, as well as back, neck, and head injuries.

Many of these injuries can be prevented with a bit of caution and preparation. Here are some of the most common slip and fall hazards Americans may encounter this Memorial Day weekend and throughout the summer months.

Slip and Fall Accidents at Hotels and Resorts

As millions of Americans spend Memorial Day weekend, or some part of their summer vacations at hotels and motels out of town, travelers should be mindful of slip and fall hazards at these resorts. Freshly mopped or waxed floors prevent walkers from gaining traction, making slip and fall accidents more likely. Guests at indoor and outdoor swimming pools inadvertently track water through hotel foyers and hallways, posing a risk to others. Concrete pavement, carpeting, or other flooring that is buckled or in disrepair can cause guests to trip and lose their footing.

Slip and Fall Accidents at the Pool and Lake

For many families, Memorial Day weekend is their first chance to cool off in the pool or lake. Pavement, decking, or concrete adjacent to swimming areas is a very common site for slip and fall accidents. Poorly-lit walkways and broken or uneven stairs or flooring near pools not only pose a slip and fall hazard, but also a drowning risk when these hazards are close to deep water.

Slip and Fall Accidents at the Campsite

For families who look forward to spending the holiday weekend at the campground, slip and fall accidents can be just as dangerous. Falls from high elevations like cliffs and mountains are more likely to cause devastating injuries. When campers are gathered around a bonfire, a slip and fall can lead to serious burns. Sticks, tent poles and other camping equipment can cause puncture wounds for slip and fall victims.

To prevent these common hazards this Memorial Day, property owners are responsible for keeping their facilities well-maintained and safe for public use. When slip and fall accidents are caused by a failure to properly maintain a property or to fix a dangerous condition on the premises, injured victims may have a valid premises liability lawsuit against the responsible parties.

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