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House Approves Bill Protecting Children from Sexual Offenses in Delaware

House Approves Bill Protecting Children from Sexual Offenses in DelawareOn Tuesday, the Delaware House of Representatives approved a bill that further protects children from sexual offenses. The bill, House Bill 259, would update current legislation by strengthening the penalties for sexual assaults against children under the age of 7. After a young child from Pike Creek, Delaware was abducted and then subsequently sexually assaulted in 2017, Delaware State Representative, Andria Bennett, fought for the bill to be approved. Jessica’s Law, which went into effect in 2006, protects children under age 14 against sexual assaults, but this bill would specifically target sexual offenses committed against children under 7 and offer harsher penalties.

Stories of sexual assaults against children reverberate in the news and in our communities with an alarming frequency. Protecting children against individuals who inflict harm upon them is critical when statistics show that one in four girls as well as one in six boys are sexually abused as children. Abuse leaves children with emotional scars that go beyond physical trauma and may adversely affect them for the rest of their lives.

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