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Grill Safety Tips

Wilmington product liability offer grilling safety tipsSummer is upon us, and families across the country are eager to start cooking outdoors. Many summer memories are made grilling burgers, dogs, veggies and roasting s’mores on the grill and fire pit.

But when not properly used or maintained, home grills can lead to serious injuries. According to a National Fire Protection Association report, nearly 9,000 home fires every year involve grills. Unattended grills can cause bodily injury and extensive property damage.

Follow these basic grill safety tips for a safe, enjoyable – and delicious summer.

Safety Tips for Gas Grills

Gas grills account for four out of five fires, which are mainly caused by broken or leaking hoses. Here are some simple ways to prevent or handle gas leaks:

  • Always store gas grills and propane tanks outdoors and away from buildings and structures.
  • At the beginning of each grilling season, thoroughly inspect the gas cylinder hose for leaks. You can check for leaks by applying a solution of soap and water to the hose; escaping gas will produce bubbles.
  • Always lift the grill lid before turning on the gas; collecting gas can explode when ignited.
  • If you smell gas or suspect a leak while the flame is out, turn off the gas tank and grill immediately. Do not use the grill until it has been professionally serviced. Call the fire department if the leak continues.
  • If you smell a gas leak while cooking, back away from the grill immediately and call the fire department. Do not move the grill.

Safety Tips for Charcoal Grills

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, the leading cause of charcoal grill fires is when flammable objects are left too close to the grill ignite. Remember these tips when grilling over charcoal heat:

  • Never leave a charcoal grill unattended.
  • Before every use, check the grill for wear and tear or rust on metal grills that may allow charcoal to fall through and ignite the surface below.
  • Use only starter fluid designed for charcoal grills. Always store starter fluid in a safe place, away from heat sources, children, and pets
  • After kindling or coals are ignited, do not add charcoal starter fluid to the fire. Add more kindling or charcoals only to increase the fire.
  • After grilling, the coals may remain hot long after the flame has been extinguished. Do not place any flammable items near the grill as it cools.

Finally, whether you use gas or charcoal, it is a good idea to keep a spray bottle full of water nearby to extinguish minor flare-ups, and a fire extinguisher close at hand in case of something more major.

Take extra precautions every time you cook with fire. Grill fire accidents and injuries are largely preventable. If you are injured in a grill fire or any other summer accident due to another’s negligence, the Delaware product liability lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. can help determine if you may be eligible for damages.

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