Sen. Scarnati’s Proposed Compensation Fund – a Scam

Clergy Abuse Lawyers fight for the rights of victims who experienced clergy abuse.By: Thomas C. Crumplar

It is no surprise that the Catholic hierarchy in Pennsylvania has warmly embraced Sen. Scarnati’s last minute attempt to derail the momentum to pass a Window Law which would finally after decades allow survivors of horrific sexual abuse and the Church’s cover-up to finally obtain some measure of justice.

The compensation fund proposal is a slap in the face. It is based on the premise that the victims only want money. Having represented hundreds of survivors of Clergy Sex Abuse I can state that money is secondary to almost all the survivors.

What they want and need for any real healing is accountability and transparency. The survivors need to be able to force their abuser and /or the enablers to testify under oath and often in their presence. They want to have some sense that their pain will not have been in vain and real change will occur.

The PA Grand Jury report was the first step. A series of civil cases will involve the production of documents – which can be made available to the public – which will ensure this never happens again. When the survivors of clergy abuse settled here in Delaware, one of their major demands was the public production of the abuse files. In the end they were all produced, and they have had an international impact – being quoted even in the Italian papers.

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