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Keeping Halloween Safe

Delaware personal injury lawyers assist those injured by the negligence of others and offer Halloween safety tips.Whether you are a ghost, vampire, or cartoon character, October 31st is a time across the United States for anticipation of tricks, treats, and excitement. Yet this traditional night of fun for kids can be a big worry for parents of trick-or-treaters everywhere, so good Halloween preparation is the key.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that on Halloween night, children ages 14 and under have a four-times greater risk of being hit by a car. These accidents can happen from the combination of higher numbers of distracted pedestrians and drivers who do not react in a timely manner on dark roads.

Another hazard is slips and falls. Falls can happen due to long trailing costumes, masks and wigs getting in the way when the child may be carrying everything from a lightsaber to large candy containers.

Here are some safety tips on how to keep it a spooky and fun All Hallows’ Eve this year, and every year, while avoiding injury.

Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating

Talking to kids in advance is as much a part of good Halloween planning as the costume and makeup. If older kids are going out together, make sure that all in the group have an adult emergency contact, and an established area to visit.

Advise children to never enter a stranger’s home or car, no matter the reason, and set a specific time to return home.

Staying on a designated route and going only to homes with lights on is important. Remember that at night, drivers may not see a child walking until it is too late.

To reduce the chance of pedestrian and car accidents, only cross in a group at crosswalks or lights, and remind younger children never to cut out between cars. Fluorescent tape and flashlights are a good tip to help pedestrians be more visible to drivers.

Taking a neighborhood shortcut may be common in the daytime, but cutting through dark yards at night can mean falls, injuries, run-ins with animals and dog bites, and a sudden end to trick-or-treating fun.

Finally, adults should check all candy upon return, and discard unsealed treats from unknown sources.

Fire Safety

Many traditionally lighted Jack O’ Lanterns have been replaced by LED lighting. Yet fire hazards with candles and decorations are still something to be prepared for.

As with all youth attire, check the label first on purchased costumes and wigs, to ensure that they are certified flame resistant. The risk of potential for hazards presented by costume materials is something to be especially mindful of.

For homemade Halloween outfits, be careful about loose fabric. It is not a bad idea for small children in particular to rehearse the stop-drop-and-roll routine, in case of fire.

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