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Future of Artificial Intelligence and Safety Concerns 

Wilmington personal injury lawyers obtain compensation for accident victims.Artificial intelligence can be used to perform a multitude of beneficial tasks at greater speeds and accuracy than relying on human intelligence alone. As the future of artificial intelligence continues to shine bright, the safety of products incorporating this technology remains an important concern for high-tech industries. Creators of artificial intelligence face legal liability when unsafe products harm users.

Handling the complex legal implications involved in accidents caused by using artificial intelligence often requires the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Some of the most common legal matters arising from the integration of artificial intelligence include accidents caused by self-driving cars, defective medical devices, and hazardous work equipment.

Dangers of Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous or self-driving cars use artificial intelligence to control direction, speed, and overall operation of the vehicle using sensors and other indicators. As artificial intelligence becomes smarter, the risks of unpredictable behavior can rise as machines attempt to predict driving patterns without the benefit of human oversight and subjective experience. When self driving vehicles hit the roadways, accidents will inevitably occur. Artificial intelligence designers and manufacturers may face liability for any resulting injuries under the legal theories of negligence or product liability.

Medical Device Risks

An increasing amount of medical devices have artificial intelligence incorporated into their design. Insulin pumps, ventilators, imaging machines, and cardiac arrest predictive tools are some of the medical devices designed to use artificial intelligence. Many clinicians rely on these applications to assess, diagnose, and treat patients. Errors in calculation made by smart devices can have devastating results for patients who are overmedicated, misdiagnosed, or improperly treated.  As artificial intelligence continues to transform the medical field, new studies related to a reliance on machine learning warn that successful implementation of artificial intelligence will be possible only if safety remains a top concern. When medical professionals relinquish direct control of their patients’ safety to such technology, they potentially face legal liability based on negligence.

Work Equipment Hazards

A rise in the use of artificial intelligence in the construction industry raises safety concerns as defective automated work equipment can become hazardous for workers. Contractors are using this technology to improve productivity on worksites. The future implementation of artificial intelligence technology may include the use of robotic arms to build metal mesh infrastructures, automated masonry equipment to lay brick walls, and smart video machines to identify potentially unsafe conditions.

When autonomous machinery malfunctions, it can result in serious workplace accidents, ranging from falls and roll overs to electrocutions and explosions. When automated construction machinery fails to operate properly or artificial intelligence software develops a glitch, its creators may become legally responsible for any resulting accidents and injuries.

Wilmington Personal Injury Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Obtain Compensation for Accident Victims

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