Toxic School Supplies

Dover chemical and toxic exposure injury lawyers fight for those exposed to tainted school supplies.As students get ready to return to school in just a few weeks families are busy buying a variety of school supplies for the upcoming year. Crayons, binders, and markers top most school supply lists. For many unsuspecting parents, these very supplies can contain dangerous toxins with potentially harmful side effects.

Many parents may be unaware that certain school supplies contain toxic chemicals, which can pose a real safety threat to young children. According to a recent study by U.S. PIRG, potentially dangerous chemicals can be found in many popular brands of school supplies, including Playskool crayons, The Board Dudes dry erase markers, and Jot three-ring binders.

One of the chemicals detected was asbestos, a dangerous carcinogen that can lead to serious medical conditions, including mesothelioma or lung cancer years after initial exposure. Other dangerous toxins found in crayons, binders, water bottles, and markers included lead, phthalates, and benzene, which can affect a child’s hormonal development and future fertility. The manufacturers of the tested products have disputed the testing results.

Misleading Labels

Parents are frequently misled by product packaging that advertises school supplies as non-toxic. Currently, there are no federal or state regulations setting specific standards or verifications that a product using the term non-toxic is free of toxins. Even though these words might imply a product does not contain any materials that could lead to medical complications, this label holds little meaning without government regulation.

The parent-consumer advocacy organization, Made Safe, encourages consumers to investigate for themselves which products have been produced without known toxic materials. One indication that potentially hazardous materials could be present is when a product claims it is antimicrobial, antibacterial, or fragranced, which implies chemical use. Products made from natural materials present safer choices for parents.

Compensation for Toxic Exposure Injuries

Exposure to toxins can cause permanent disabilities and chronic medical conditions. In some cases, the adverse health effects from toxic exposure can take years to appear, often leading to misdiagnosis and missed opportunities for treatment. Individuals suffering from the effects of toxic exposure often face significant medical expenses, including the costs of medical treatment, hospital stays, physical therapy, rehabilitation services, and prescription drugs. Individuals can suffer severe financial stress due to an inability to work. By holding those companies responsible, injured individuals can receive the compensation they need to move forward with their lives.

Manufacturers of products made with toxic materials are not the only companies facing potential liability for toxic exposure injuries. The companies that distribute, design, market, and label toxic school supplies may also owe compensation to exposure victims. Given the complexities involved in bringing a civil lawsuit for toxic exposure, injured individuals should consult with an experienced chemical and toxic exposure lawyer to help them navigate the legal system.

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