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Halloween Slip and Fall Dangers

Dover slip and fall lawyers help victims of Halloween slip and fall accidents.Halloween is intended to be one of the most fun nights of the year. Adults and children alike get into the spirit with fun costumes and festivities. Drivers are always told to be extra cautious, but homeowners should also be aware of any surprises as well. Just because it is Halloween and trick-or-treaters are expected at your doorstep, this does not mean that homeowners are entitled to be negligent in keeping up with their property. If a slip and fall accident happens on a walkway or elsewhere on the property of any homeowner on Halloween, the homeowner can be held liable for any injuries or damages.

Homeowners must be especially mindful on Halloween, since the people who are most likely to enter the property are children. Although a homeowner could argue that they did not necessarily invite that specific child onto their property, it is understood that many children are expected to enter the property on that night, or on a town’s designated night for trick or treating.

Homeowner Responsibility

It is of utmost importance to make sure walkways are kept free of debris and other potentially harmful objects that could be an attractive nuisance to children, especially since children could be wearing masks or cumbersome costumes, which impedes their movements. Homeowners should also be aware that trick-or-treaters may opt not to use paved walkways and they could enter the property on grassy areas. If there are dangerous holes or other areas on the property where you do not want people to go, homeowners should rope it off with caution tape or create another type of barrier.

Even if homeowners turn out the porch light to signal that they are not participating in Halloween, walkways should still be cleared of debris and any dangers since children could still come to the front door. Homeowners should be up to date on their property insurance bill and they should ensure that they have enough homeowner’s insurance coverage in case of a slip and fall accident on their property. Although homeowners and landlords are usually liable for any injuries occurring on the property, tenants should check their lease for any clauses, which could give rise to their own liability if a slip and fall accident occurs on the premises.

Parents Can Help Avoid Accidents

To reduce the possibility of slip and fall accidents, parents should ensure that children’s costumes do not obstruct the child’s vision or physical movement in a way that increases the likelihood of an accident. Additionally, trick-or-treaters and their guardians should carry a flashlight in case they encounter a dimly lit area, and parents should encourage children to use walkways and only go to homes where there is adequate lighting on the property.

Dover Slip and Fall Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Help Victims of Halloween Slip and Fall Accidents

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