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Blind Spot Truck Accidents

Wilmington truck accident lawyers fight for your rights when involved in a blind spot accident.Driving a passenger car near a huge truck can be intimidating. For obvious reasons, it is a good idea to keep your distance from these monstrous vehicles and steer clear of a truck that is showing signs of structural issues or seems to be under the operation of an unsafe driver. Simply traveling close to a giant truck can put you and your car’s occupants in danger of a blind spot accident.

The physical size of tractor trailers can cause visibility issues for the driver of a nearby vehicle. Although truck drivers are trained to keep track of the traffic around their vehicle, drivers can easily lose track of a car that finds its way into a truck’s blind spot, creating an unsafe situation if the truck driver attempts to turn, change lanes, or stop without noticing that there is a neighboring vehicle out of sight.

What are Blind Spots?

All vehicles have blind spots, or areas that the driver cannot see while driving. Even with a rear-view and side mirrors, some areas surrounding the vehicle are hidden from the driver’s view. In cars and trucks of all sizes, blind spots are a serious concern. It is still important while driving or backing up to account for the possibility that there could be an object, vehicle, or person in your blind spot. In commercial trucks, the blind spots are bigger and the potential for disaster is significantly increased.

Where are a Truck’s Blind Spots?

Tractor trailers have four major blind spot zones:

In front of the cab: The driver is unable to see anything immediately over the front of the truck. It is best to keep a distance of at least 20 feet from the front of a truck.

Behind the trailer: The area directly behind the trailer is completely out of the driver’s view. If you are traveling behind, it is best to leave at least 30 feet between your vehicle and the back end of a tractor trailer.

Below and beside the driver’s window:  Much of the lane to the truck driver’s left is difficult to see from their viewpoint. Stay out of that lane, if possible. If you must pass, do so without spending too much time in the area next to the trailer.

Right side of the truck:  The two lanes to the right of the truck are visually problematic for the truck driver as well. If you must travel in these lanes, be mindful of the truck driver’s limited range of view.

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