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Thanksgiving Travel Safety

Wilmington car accident lawyers promote safe traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday while commuting.Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season. Most families do their best to be together to keep family traditions and celebrate how thankful they are to have one another. Year after year, travelers hit the roads with the sincere and heartfelt intentions to make the most of their time with family and friends. With these earnest resolutions in mind, drivers who are on their way to join their loved ones must focus on the road to arrive safely to their destination. The following are a few safety tips for holiday travelers:

Prepare your vehicle: Make sure your vehicle is ready for a long trip by having your mechanic give it the once-over. Be sure to have the tires checked and have fluids refilled, including the gas tank.

Plan your drive: Looking at your route ahead of time gives you the option to plan for pit stops.

Pack for the road: Avoid the frustration of having to keep pulling off the road to find what you need. Instead you should keep water and snacks handy, as well as activities to keep passengers occupied.

Buckle up properly: The most important travel safety tip takes mere seconds to follow; buckle your seat belt and make sure your passengers do the same. Children under 13 should be in the backseat, and the littlest ones should be harnessed securely into a child safety seat that is appropriate for their size and weight.

Drive with focus and caution: You should follow all driving laws and speed limits, but you should also ensure that you are keeping your focus on the road ahead. You may be tempted to multitask out of boredom or necessity, but resist the urge. Let someone else change the music or hand out the snacks. Do not answer calls or texts while driving.

Drive defensively: Just as you should follow safe driving practices, you should remain aware of other drivers who do not. Stay on the lookout for the unsafe maneuvers of other drivers. While controlling the decisions and actions of other drivers is impossible, do your best to avoid any reckless drivers you may encounter. Let the speeders pass, steer clear of the erratic motorist, and yield to the impatient driver. Keeping your cool will keep you safe.

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