What are Common Truck Accident Injuries?

Wilmington truck accident lawyers help crash victims recover damages after accidents.Without trucks, our country would be unable to efficiently move items from one city to another. In fact, the United States relies on trucks to ship untold amounts of materials and goods every day. The downside to relying heavily on trucks for our economy is that the highways become choked with super-sized vehicles. Having many different types of vehicles on the roads can inevitably lead to truck accidents with other motor vehicles.

According to statistics, more than a half a million truck-related crashes happen annually. For many victims, the injuries sustained can provide significant or fatal. However, only two percent of truck accident deaths involve the trucker. The wide majority of fatal crashes claim the lives of the driver operating the smaller vehicle.

Common Injuries Among Truck Crash Victims

Motorists and passengers involved in collisions suffer from medical problems that affect living a preferred lifestyle. Head injuries are frequently reported by individuals of truck accidents. For instance, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) routinely occur when a very large vehicle collides with a smaller one. When a high-speed object suddenly stops moving, all its contents continue moving forward, including the human brain. As the brain slams against the skull, bleeding and bruising can be inevitable. TBIs can lead to severe headaches, memory loss, personality changes, brain damage, and a host of other side effects that may linger for years.

Victims of truck crashes may also suffer from broken bones. The force of being tossed around or getting trapped in a crumpled car is enough to break nearly any bone in the body, especially limbs and ribs. Back and neck problems regularly feature in post-accident insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits. Even a slight trauma to the vertebrae or spinal cord can become debilitating. Additionally, chronic upper, middle, or lower back pain can have a detrimental effect on a crash victim’s ability to hold a job or maintain a specific career path.

Avoiding Truck Accidents

While not every truck accident can be avoided, drivers sharing the road with trucks should take precautionary measures to keep themselves and their passengers safe. Everyone should buckle up when traveling. Drivers should avoid tailgating trucks or cruising in a truck’s blind spots. A general rule of thumb is to cleanly maneuver around a truck at an appropriate speed to create adequate distance between the truck and car.

Motorists should use extreme caution when sharing the road with trucks in bad weather. Trucks can suddenly jackknife, leaving drivers little opportunity to take action and move out of the way. In the event of a crash with a truck, drivers and their passengers will want to seek emergency medical attention, even if they feel fine. Often, injuries can be masked by shock and appear a few days afterwards.

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