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The Dangers of Foggy Windshields

Car windows can become fogged at any time of the year, depending on the weather. When windows become fogged, drivers can experience decreased visibility, which can lead to a car accident. Unfortunately, a recent report claims that fog led to an accident.

A news station recently reported that a high school student was hit by a car when walking to a relative’s home. The driver claimed that their foggy windshield caused the accident. The driver thought there was enough visibility but was mistaken. At the time of the accident, the driver’s children were passengers. The driver had careless driving charges in the past, and the victim’s mother states that there should be more severe penalties. Fortunately, the student was not seriously injured, but the situation could have been much worse.

Causes of Window Fog

Car windshields and windows can fog up when there is moist or humid air inside a vehicle and cold air outside. The windows become cold when they come into contact with the interior air, causing windows to become foggy. Once the windows become warm, the fog will clear.

What else contributes to window fog? Fog can occur if the driver has damp clothing or is holding something hot, like coffee. Inhaling and exhaling can also cause foggy windows. Fog can even happen when air becomes trapped inside the car from the previous day and humidity levels rise. Interestingly, fog can also happen in warm weather. When the the air conditioner is running on warm or humid days, condensation can occur on windows.

Clearing the Fog

The amount of fog depends on how much moisture is in the air, and it can occur on the inside or outside of car windows. It is dangerous to start driving before windows are properly cleared. It fog happens while driving and visibility is reduced, then the driver should pull over safely to fix the problem. Take extra time to clear windows before entering your car. Practicing this safety procedure is vital.

There are several ways to clear condensation. When it is warm outside, fog usually can be found on the outside of windows. Drivers can raise the car’s interior temperature by turning off air conditioning and raising the heat. Turning off the recirculating feature and turning on the windshield wipers will also help.

If outside temperatures are cold, the defroster can be turned on in the vehicle. Lowering the windows will also reduce the car’s interior temperature but can make it cold inside the car. There are also several anti-fog window treatments available for purchase that can help.

Other Defogging Tips

Basic maintenance can also decrease the amount of fog. The intake vents on the outside and base of the windshield should be cleared of ice and snow. Many people will only clear outside windows, but cleaning inside windows will also help eliminate fog.

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