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Seven Ways to Prevent Truck Accidents

How to prevent truck accidents? Truckers play an essential role in the American economy. Every day, commercial trucks traverse the roadways and highways of Delaware, transporting merchandise and materials from one place to another. Many trucks on the road, like semis and big rigs, cause drivers to be at risk for a truck accident. However, truck drivers can take several key measures to reduce their likelihood of a collision.

Avoid Driver Distractions

Distracted driving, like cellphone use and fatigued driving, paves the way for problems. Truckers need to reduce their distractions as much as possible, so they can fully focus on the road. A good way to avoid distractions is to put cellphones face-down in silent mode, and only eat when the truck is stopped.

Follow Speed Limits

Truck drivers set the pace of the highway. Car drivers tend to follow suit with truckers, meaning that they follow the truck’s speeds to keep up with traffic. If truck drivers operate cautiously and follow posted speed limits, they set a better example for other motorists. At the same time, they reduce the chance for a collision to occur.

Drive for Changing Conditions

From fog to ice, truckers must contend with temperamental weather conditions. Consequently, they must make sure that their trucks are properly working and ready to handle weather hazards. All truck drivers should read about anticipated weather problems and plan to drive defensively.

Use Turn Signals

It can be tempting for a trucker to not use turn signals, particularly when it seems like no one else is on the road. However, a small vehicle could easily be in a blind spot. Plus, cars can quickly enter roadways through ramps. It is best to always use turn signals, even when you believe no one is on the road.

Let Aggressive Drivers Pass

Truckers who drive long enough will eventually encounter aggressive motorists; it is best to allow them to pass to avoid any incidents. Aggressive drivers are often responsible for accidents on highways. Truck drivers can reduce their risk of getting into an accident by simply moving away from an aggressive driver.

Follow Construction Area Rules

Though every trucker must transfer cargo within a certain time frame, truck drivers should still maintain caution when traversing through construction area zones. Narrow roads, shoulder-less paths, and workers along the side of the road require a trucker’s complete concentration and consideration.

Stay Ahead of Inspections

Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, truckers should carefully and consistently inspect their machinery so that they can repair faults or mechanical errors.

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