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What Happens if I Slip and Fall at a Resort?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. Depending on where the accident happened, you may be able to obtain compensation for any injuries. If you were hurt while staying at a resort, you may be wondering if management can be held responsible for your injuries.

When is Hotel Management Responsible for Slip and Fall Accidents?

A duty of care is the obligation to keep others safe. If guests are injured while on a hotel manager’s property, management can be held responsible for any injuries sustained if the injuries were caused by negligence. Hotel management is responsible for keeping guests safe. If the slip and fall accident could have easily been prevented, the management could be responsible, such as failing to post warning signs or maintaining the property.

What Are Common Hotel Management Duties?

Hotel management duties normally include the following:

  • Maintaining stairs and elevators.
  • Controlling insect infestation.
  • Maintaining adequate lighting.
  • Repairing hotel defects.
  • Making sure any spills are promptly cleaned.

Hotel management may be held responsible for accidents and injuries when management fails to perform these duties.

How Can I Prove Negligence?

In order for a hotel to be held responsible for your injuries, you must be able to prove that the hotel breached a duty that was owed to you while you were on the property.

This breach of duty must have led to your injuries. Taking pictures at the accident scene or obtaining information from witnesses can be helpful. If your accident was filmed on a security camera, this could possibly be used as evidence.

What if I am Responsible?

If you are planning to sue for your slip and fall injuries, you should prepare yourself to hear the property owner’s side of the story in court. The property owner will most likely argue that you are partially responsible for your accident. In most cases, a guest has a responsibility to maintain his or her own safety. Failure to do this may result in deduction of compensation.

Should I Seek a Lawyer After I Slip and Fall at a Resort?

If you slip and fall at a resort, it could be hard to determine who is responsible for the accident and your injuries. Slip and fall cases can be tricky, so it is best to obtain legal representation right away.

Hiring a lawyer that will help you with receiving compensation is crucial. A lawyer will evaluate your case, help you collect evidence, and will guide you through the legal process. Determining liability can be difficult. If you are partially responsible, you could receive little or no compensation, depending on the accident and the laws of the state. For these reasons, it is vital to hire a lawyer.

Dover Slip and Fall Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Represent Clients Injured in Slip and Fall Accidents

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