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Can a Brake Fluid Leak Cause a Car Accident?

Any part of a car can experience failure, including the brakes. One common cause of braking problems involves brake fluid leaking out of its container. As the fluid begins to escape, the brakes become spongier. Without intervention, they will stop responding to any pressure.

A driver who is traveling when the brakes stop working could be at risk of getting into a car accident. Knowing how to avoid this issue is critical for all car owners.

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What are the Early Warning Signs of Brake Failure?

Although brakes can suddenly stop working, most braking systems exhibit symptoms of problems before total failure occurs. This is especially true if the brake issues stem from leaking brake fluid.

Brake fluid provides the hydraulic pressure necessary to stop the car when the brake pedal is pressed down. If the amount of brake fluid decreases, the pressure transferred to the brakes will decrease as well. A driver who complains about their brakes requiring more force to work should go to a mechanic for an assessment.

Another indicator of a brake fluid leak is the formation of puddles of liquid under the engine or next to the wheels. Although the fluid leak could be from a different source, car owners need to take any leaks seriously. Without sufficient brake fluid, the brakes will not be able to work effectively.

What if Leaky Brakes Contribute to an Accident?

A driver may want to consider working with a lawyer after getting medical treatment for injuries suffered during the collision. It may be possible to recover damages from third parties who can be held partially or fully accountable. For instance, if the brake leak led to a catastrophic crash because of a flawed automotive part, the injured driver might be able to sue the manufacturer.

Knowing who to hold liable after a brake-related accident can be complex. In Delaware, the rule of comparative negligence requires that a party must not be more than 50 percent responsible for a crash in order to receive damages. A lawyer has the experience and resources to determine who is at fault.

How can I Make Sure My Brakes are Safe?

Drivers should take time to have their vehicles checked regularly. Maintenance check-ups should include an inspection of the brakes and fluid levels. Car owners can also perform visual investigations of their brake fluid levels by learning where the brake fluid container is located.

Additionally, all drivers should take time to inspect their brakes. Any red flags, such as being able to press the brake pedal all the way to the floor, require technical attention right away. If a person is hit by a driver who failed to maintain their vehicle, they may have legal options available to them.

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