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How can I Drive Safely With Pets in the Vehicle?

Drive Safely With Pets

Most pet owners travel with their companions. In fact, a 2018 survey by Go Pet Friendly revealed that approximately 95 percent of pet owners said they planned to make at least one overnight trip with their pets when traveling. Many of those who were surveyed owned dogs.

While many cat owners can leave food, water, and clean litter for their pets and leave for a couple of days, dogs require much more attention and often cannot be left alone for more than a few hours. That spurs many dog owners to take their pets on long road trips.

Whether one is traveling with a cat, dog, or another pet, some practical advice can help to prevent a car accident. The following tips can help make trips with pets safer and easier.

Restrained Pets Travel the Best

A pet owner should have a good idea of how their pet reacts to car travel. If not, the owner needs to find out. A pet that is comfortable while inside a moving vehicle is terrific, but many suffer from separation anxiety that could lead to a panic attack or worse. An incessantly mewing cat or a dog that is nervous and moving around in the interior is a potential danger, but a pet owner can try to get their pet used to being in a car and in a carrier.

Even if the pet is accustomed to car travel, it is always wise to keep them restrained and in the back seat. A pet carrier is great for keeping a dog or cat under control and safely secured during travel. The driver can even use the seat belt restraints and purchase special pet travel equipment that makes it safer.

Create a Pet Barrier

One of the best ways to let a pet travel safely is to place a barrier between the front and rear seats or otherwise create a barrier that limits the pet’s ability to interfere with the driver. A simple clear plastic partition is very affordable, enables them to see clearly, and makes it impossible for the pet to jump into the front seat and possibly trigger an accident.

A driver will need to ensure that their pet has water available and small amounts of food. Regular stops and walks with a leashed pet can help them stay calm if it is used to being outdoors and around strangers; otherwise, it is best to keep the travel distances relatively short.

What are the Potential Dangers When Driving With Pets?

A relatively docile pet lying next to its owner seems like an idyllic setting, but that is often not the reality. Pets need food, get restless, and must have breaks on long road trips. A distraction from a pet could cause an accident.

If the pet is like many and gets nervous while in the car, it could become harder to control. Even when completely docile, a pet could become potentially deadly during an accident. A pet could projectile and even hit the owner during a collision.

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