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What are Common Types of Summer Accidents?

Summer Accidents

Summertime is known to be a relaxing season, but the warm weather also increases some dangers. While it is important to enjoy the beautiful summer months, it is always a good idea for everyone to keep safety in the back of their minds. Listed below are some of the most common summertime accidents and how to avoid them.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

While those who live in the northeast may think winter brings the most motor vehicle accidents, car accidents and other collisions frequently happen in the summer as well. There are many reasons for summertime motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Teenagers and young adults are out of school and on the road more often in the summer.
  • Road construction and associated issues, such as closed roads, merged lanes, and detours.
  • More tourists and travelers, often causing congestion and traffic backups.
  • More people traveling on the roads for vacation who may be fatigued, unfamiliar with the roads, or distracted.

Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle riders will claim there is nothing better than hitting the open road on a beautiful summer day. However, motorcycle accidents increase in summer, often because a car or truck driver does not see the vulnerable motorcyclist. It is important that all car and truck drivers be mindful of motorcyclists.

Trampoline Accidents

Children and some adults injure themselves on trampolines by either jumping and falling off or from horseplay. Since summertime increases outdoor play, trampoline safety should be encouraged. Parents should monitor children when they are using the trampoline.

Slip and Fall Accidents

While slip and fall accidents can happen at any time of the year, summer opens up more opportunities for these accidents to occur. From wet water parks, uneven walkways, to extra slippery floors in a museum, everyone should take care when they take a step.

Additionally, pool-related slip and fall accidents happen frequently in the summer months. Many people can be in a public pool at one time. Wet pavement, crowded slides and boards, and horseplay can all cause pool accidents. Home pools are especially dangerous because there are no lifeguards, and homeowners must be vigilant about small children accidentally falling into the pool.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling is among the top summer pursuits, either for leisure or exercise. With more bikes on the road, there is a higher chance for an accident. Bike-car accidents top the list as drivers may not be accustomed to sharing the road with bicyclists.

Boating Accidents

Boaters and their passengers should always be cautious on the water. Speeding boats, boat congestion, wakes, and choppy water can all potentially cause a disastrous accident. Boating while drinking is a common cause of accidents as well.

Playground and Park Accidents

As people enjoy outdoor entertainment, picnics at the park, and fun play equipment for the children, caution is advised. A fall from the monkey bars can result in a badly sprained ankle.

How can I Avoid a Summertime Accident?

Some small steps can help prevent a summertime accident:

  • Always supervise children in the pool, whether at a public pool or an at-home pool. Most children are not strong swimmers and may not know how to help themselves or recover from a pool incident.
  • Teach children and adults safe trampoline behavior. Better yet, enclose the trampoline with safety netting and other measures that prevent people from falling off.
  • Be careful while bicycling. Never assume a driver will see the bike. Follow all the safety rules, too, such as biking in the right direction and signaling for turns and lane changes.
  • Talk with teenagers about summer driving. Help young adults anticipate and handle some of the unusual circumstances they may come upon in the summer, including traffic backups, construction, and other hazardous road situations.

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