Are Delivery Services Causing More Car Accidents?

Delivery Services

Before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people frequently used home delivery services for retail products and other items, but COVID-19 lockdowns increased these services even more. When people were under strict lockdown restrictions, home deliveries skyrocketed. These demands resulted in roads being heavily used by delivery drivers.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions lifting, delivery services are still being used. The overabundance of delivery trucks, Amazon vans, and private vehicles making deliveries are creating accident risks for all road users.

What Causes Delivery Vehicle Accidents?

Influences like time pressure and incentive structures that are part of the delivery service business model may cause drivers to take unwise risks to make good time. These and other issues may influence drivers to act more recklessly on the roads. Some causes of delivery vehicle accidents include:

  • High demand: The increase in home deliveries has led to the need for more drivers, which may mean that some newer drivers are less experienced and more prone to car accidents or truck accidents.
  • Unfamiliar territory: Delivery drivers make deliveries to all kinds of homes, some of which requires the driver to operate on an unfamiliar road. This can cause confusion or mistakes. A wrong-way accident might occur when a delivery driver is confused about where to go.
  • Speeding: A delivery driver who is trying to make good time might take risks to complete their route. This pressure can be the force behind unsafe driving behaviors, like speeding, hurrying through changing traffic lights, and other negligent driving behaviors.
  • Quotas: Delivery quotas and time tracking for parcel delivery services inadvertently encourage delivery drivers to cut corners and take chances that can cause accidents. An anxious delivery driver behind on their work may be tempted to tailgate or drive aggressively to satisfy their work demands.
  • Carelessness: Sometimes, delivery drivers cause accidents when they are not concerned at all with time. In between delivery gigs, a driver who gets delivery requests through an app might waste time by driving around aimlessly, which can lead to traffic congestion. Even when they are not operating in heavy traffic, one more car on the road increases the likelihood of a crash to occur, especially if the driver is distracted or tired.
  • Distracted driving: A distraction can be a cause of a delivery vehicle accident, particularly if the driver is adjusting their navigation device or service app. A system that measures a driver’s time may become a dangerous distraction.
  • Parking issues: Delivery drivers are notorious for creating traffic issues and even road dangers by parking in dangerous ways. A driver who is solely focused on making a quick delivery may hold up traffic by double parking.

How can Delivery Service Vehicle Accidents be Prevented?

Some ways that motorists can prevent delivery service-related car accidents include:

  • Avoid driving near large delivery trucks. Drivers should avoid driving too closely to large delivery trucks because the truck drivers may have less than ideal views of the surrounding areas and the vehicles nearby. Car drivers should avoid any sudden or unsafe driving behaviors near trucks or other vehicles. Cutting off a large vehicle is especially dangerous since it is harder for a driver to regain control of a large vehicle.
  • Be patient when seeing a delivery driver. If there is a vehicle parked inconveniently while a driver makes a delivery, it is best to be patient and allow them to return to their car. Trying to go around the parked car can be dangerous. The delivery is likely to take only a minute or two. While waiting is not ideal, it may be the safest option.

What Should I Do After a Deliver Service Car Accident?

Most of the same rules apply to delivery service accidents as those in standard collisions, however, it can be difficult to determine the at-fault party. Those who experience an accident with a delivery driver should:

  • Stay at the accident scene.
  • Assess and address any injuries of those involved, including the occupant of the other vehicle.
  • Call 911 to notify the police and summon emergency medical personnel.
  • Exchange information and gather evidence, including pictures of the damage and other influencing factors.
  • Notify the insurance carrier.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Retain documentation related to all damages, including property damage and personal injuries.
  • Speak to a lawyer about the legal options.
  • Take any necessary legal action before the time constraint runs out.

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