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What are Back-to-School Driving Tips for Students?

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As Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations loosen, many students will return to in-person learning, which means that more drivers will be on the road during the school season. Newly licensed teenagers may need to relearn essential driving skills.

Although schools are lined with signs and warnings to alert drivers, car accidents still happen throughout the school year. It is important that all drivers, particularly young motorists, to keep in mind the following safety tips for the upcoming school year.

Limit Distractions

Teenagers are more susceptible to distracted driving. They should understand that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. Any activity that takes away a driver’s attention, such as eating, texting, changing the radio station, or talking to passengers, puts the driver and those around them at risk.

Fasten the Seat Belt

Drivers between 16 and 24 years old are more likely to not use their seat belts compared to other age groups. Although modern cars are safer and packed with features to protect all passengers, wearing a seat belt is still the best way to prevent injuries in a car accident.

Get Enough Rest

Teenagers are heavily involved in schoolwork and activities, and they are prone to neglect sleep to accomplish these tasks. However, lack of sleep can lead to drowsy driving. It is very important that all drivers get enough rest before getting behind the wheel.

Leave Early

Driving when one is late for school can cause irritability or road rage, so being on time is an overlooked safety tip. Parents should encourage young drivers to leave about 10 minutes earlier than normal to avoid rushing to their destination.

Be Extra Careful in School Zones

School zones have special traffic laws that protect children, so it is important to be mindful of what to do when in these areas. Always obey the posted school zone speed limit, which can vary between 10 miles per hour up to 20 miles per hour. Drivers should never make U-turns, change lanes, or pass over vehicles while in school zones. Additionally, school zones will likely have pedestrians in the area, particularly in between parked cars and around or on crosswalks, so it is important to watch out for them.

Be Mindful of School Buses

Bus drivers have about a 10-foot blind spot surrounding the bus, so all motorists must be extra vigilant when a school bus is nearby or is stopping to drop off or pick up children. Always maintain a safe travelling distance when following a school bus, and never cut off a bus driver.

Also, yellow flashing lights on a bus means slow down. Red flashing lights on a bus means that drivers must stop, and motorists should only continue to drive when the stop-arm is up, the lights stop flashing, and the bus begins to move again.

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