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What are Essential Back-to-School Safety Tips?

Back-to-School Safety Tips

As summer comes to an end, parents are redirecting their focus on the upcoming school year. This year will certainly be different as Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions begin to lift, and many more people will be on the roadways. Regardless of where children will attend class, getting to school safely is a top priority.

Bus Safety

School buses are among the most regulated and safest vehicles on the road, but accidents can still happen. It is important to be mindful of a few safety tips when children take the bus to school:

  • If possible, parents should walk with their child to the bus stop.
  • While waiting, maintain a distance of at least five steps away from the street. It is wise to limit any distractions as well, such as cellphone use.
  • Always wait until the bus comes to a full stop and the stop-arm comes out before attempting to get on the vehicle. Make eye contact with the bus driver, and wait for them to signal it is okay to board.
  • If having to cross the street to the bus, walk at least 10 feet in front, and make sure the bus driver gives the okay to cross.
  • Use the handrail when getting on and off the bus.
  • When on the bus, children should stay in their seats and face forward at all times.
  • Children should always listen to the bus driver’s directions.

Drive Safely in the School Zone

Some parents drive their children to school. Even with traffic laws in school zones, accidents still occur. Here are a few tips to keep in mind during the back-to-school season:

  • Always obey the school zone speed limit.
  • Be aware of pedestrians and crosswalks because people may be walking in between parked cars or exiting a bus.
  • Never drive while looking at a cellphone or any other distraction.
  • Never change lanes in a school zone.
  • Red flashing lights on a school bus means to stop immediately and wait. Always stay stopped until the stop-arm is released and the bus begins to move again.
  • Yellow flashing lights on a bus mean to slow down and be prepared to stop.
  • Maintain a safe distance of 10 feet when around a school bus.
  • Never pass a school bus when they are parked and picking up or dropping off children.

Be Careful When Walking or Biking to School

Walking or biking to school may be healthier options. Parents should remind children to never converse with strangers. If someone tries to talk to them or offers a ride, children should run away and yell as loud as possible to alert others nearby.

Some other important tips for walking and biking to school include:

  • Children should never use a cellphone or play a game while walking to school.
  • Always stay on a sidewalk and use crosswalks.
  • Before crossing the street, look left, then right, then left again, and make sure all nearby vehicles are stopped.
  • It is recommended to not let a child walk or ride a bike to school before the age of 10 years old.
  • Bike riders should always wear a helmet and reflective clothing.

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