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How can I Stay Safe on Labor Day Weekend?

Labor Day Weekend

Many families finish up their vacations on Labor Day weekend, which is the unofficial end of summer. Following the lockdowns brought on by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many people are anxious to get outdoors. Travel destinations will be packed with vacationers, particularly at the local beaches.

Although the beach provides fun and relaxation, accidents can still happen. It is important to review tips on how to stay safe on Labor Day Weekend.

Beach Safety

A trip to the beach is much more enjoyable when you are prepared for the outing. The beach environment has many unpredictable variables, so it is best to keep some safety tips in mind:

  • Lifeguards: Never swim in an area where a lifeguard is not present. Even if a lifeguard is present, it is always a good idea to go into the water with a friend instead of alone. Always enter the water feet first, and only dive where signs clearly say it is okay. Finally, having a first-aid kit is strongly recommended, as well as plenty of water, food, and a cellphone.
  • Rip currents: Rip currents can be so powerful that even the most experienced swimmer can struggle to reach the shore. It is extremely important to pay attention to any warning signs of a rip current, or follow the advice of any lifeguards. If you are caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shoreline, and never swim into the current. Swimming into the rip current will only exhaust the muscles and drain your energy. After getting out of the current’s path, it is best to swim back to shore immediately.
  • Hydrated: To fully protect yourself from the sun’s rays, not only should the right sunscreen be applied, but your body needs to be properly hydrated. This includes not swimming on an empty stomach, and more importantly, never drink and then go swimming.
  • Weather: If thunder or lightning is seen, the lifeguard will alert everyone to get out of the water immediately. If no alarm is sounded, pay attention to the weather and if there are any signs of rain, like dark clouds. If you are out on a boat, head back to shore immediately, but if that is not possible, go into the cabin and find shelter.
  • Drowning prevention: Never leave a child unsupervised while on the beach, and always have life jackets available that could fit them. It may also be valuable to take swimming and CPR lessons.

Driving Safety

No Labor Day Weekend is complete without a trip to the beach, and getting to the beach safely is just as important as being there. The highways will become packed with beachgoers, turning a short trip into a long one. Here are a few Labor Day driving tips:

  • Obey all traffic laws: Always obey the local speed limits, always buckle up your seat belt, and never drink and drive. Even one alcoholic beverage is enough to limit a person’s reaction time or cause drowsiness. With holiday traffic, the chance of a car accident
  • Drive defensively: Be polite while driving, and never drive aggressively or tailgate other motorists. Everyone on the road is in a rush, and getting others angry will ruin your vacation.
  • Avoid distractions: Even if the car is packed with children and luggage, it is imperative to avoid distractions. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents.
  • Get enough sleep: Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Closing your eyes for a few seconds while travelling at 50 miles per hour is the equivalent of traveling the length of an entire football field. Get plenty of rest before taking a long road trip.
  • Vehicle maintenance: It is always a good idea to have a vehicle’s oil changed, fluids topped off, and tire and brakes checked before taking a lengthy road trip. This could save a family from being stuck on the side of the highway.

Good Hygiene

It is still important to stay up to date with COVID-19 regulations and local health advisories. Some recommendations when traveling include:

  • Wear a mask. Wearing a mask protects you and others from illnesses.
  • Social distancing should be followed. A minimum distance of 6 feet should be maintained while you are around strangers.
  • Celebrate outside. Any holiday gatherings should also be outdoors, where the open air helps prevent the spread of infection.
  • Be safe when preparing food. Regarding food safety, make sure all food is cooked thoroughly, and eating areas are sanitized and cleaned. Cutting boards and other surfaces that contact raw meat should be sanitized. Food should never sit out longer than a few hours.

Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Help Vacationers Injured on Labor Day Weekend

Safety should always be on your mind when you are attending a Labor Day event. If you are injured by a negligent party on Labor Day weekend, one of our Delaware personal injury lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. can help. Call us today at 302-656-5445 or fill out an online form for a free consultation. Located in Wilmington and Millsboro, Delaware, we proudly serve clients throughout Dover, New Castle County, and Sussex County.