Should I Post About My Car Accident on Social Media?

Wilmington Car Accident Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Can Give You Legal Advice After an Accident.

Social media has become an everyday forum for people of all ages to stay in touch with each other. It is only reasonable that someone who has been in a car accident might want to post about their experience. However, going straight to social media after a car accident can be a bad idea.

In the moments after you have been in a car accident, your emotions will likely be running high. You may be angry, hurt, or scared. These are all understandable responses. However, your emotions may cause you to post images and statements on social media that can be used against you.

Suppose you post about being in a car accident and someone immediately responds asking how you are doing. You reply that you feel great and are thankful you do not have any serious injuries. What you do not realize is that you have a concussion and whiplash which takes a few days to show up. This would hurt your legal claim.

Even if you delete a social media post, you might discover that someone took a screenshot of it, or it might be available and discoverable in an archived form online.

What if the Other Driver Tries to Communicate Via Social Media?

You are not the only person who uses social media. The driver who caused your accident may be on social media as well. Many accident survivors are contacted by the at-fault driver and are unsure what to do next.

Your wisest choice is to not accept any followers you do not know after your car accident. If someone claims to be the other driver, do not respond. Even if you are tagged in videos or images, resist communicating with them. All necessary communications between the two of you should go through your insurance carriers or car accident lawyers.

Do keep copies of all correspondences you receive from the at-fault driver on social media. The correspondence can help you build a case against the driver, especially if they admit fault or want to settle.

What to Do Instead of Posting on Social Media?

After you have been in a car accident, you should avoid talking about it on social media. Make it an off-limit topic, especially if you plan to submit a legal claim or pursue a lawsuit. Do not discuss your appointments, your diagnosis, your medications, your physical therapy, or anything related to the crash. This can be difficult. Nevertheless, being prudent can help you in the long run.

Rather than posting on social media about your accident, tell only the people who need to know about the experience. This can include family members, insurance carriers, health care providers, your employer, and your car accident lawyer. Retaining a sense of privacy protects you from saying or showing anything that could hurt your chances of receiving compensation.

Wilmington Car Accident Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Can Give You Legal Advice After an Accident

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