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What Should You Do if You Have a Back Injury From a Car Accident?

Back Injury From a Car Accident.

Back injuries are common occurrences in car accidents. The energy created by an accident could cause a variety of injuries, and a hard blow from the side or rear can be especially harmful to your back.

Back injuries can be costly to treat and take a long time to heal. You will likely miss at least some work and lose income due to a serious back injury. Even a mild back injury might cause you to miss work or lighten your workload.

Because these injuries can be debilitating, it is important to know what to do if you have a back injury from an accident.

Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

The faster you get medical treatment, the sooner you can start recovering from a back injury. Because the back is large and contains many bones and soft tissue, you could have multiple back injuries that require treatment.

You might not initially realize you suffered a back injury in a car accident. The shock of a car accident and numbness or adrenaline might mask a back injury for a few hours or even a few days.

When you see a doctor as soon as possible following an accident, your doctor can give you an X-ray or other imaging scans to diagnose your condition. A combination of your symptoms and diagnostic imaging will help your doctor determine if you have a back injury and its severity.

You Might Need to See a Specialist

A back injury might require an additional diagnosis from a specialist. The specialist can better determine the extent of your injury and the best options for treatment. The diagnoses from your doctor and specialist can help prove the accident caused your injury.

Keep a Journal

Carefully documenting your daily activities and level of pain that you feel in a journal can help you with recovery as well as a legal claim. By doing this, you will be able to document the extent of your injury and how it has affected your life. If you pursue a legal case, this is important because it shows how the injury has affected your life and daily activities.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you gather evidence and advocate on your behalf.

Wilmington Car Accident Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Can Explain Your Legal Options if You Have an Accident-Related Back Injury

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