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What Are the Symptoms of Whiplash After a Car Accident?

Wilmington Car Accident Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Advocate for Those Suffering From Whiplash.

Whiplash occurs when the soft tissues of the neck become injured due to the neck being quickly forced backwards and forwards. This can happen in a car accident. Common symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Dizziness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Headaches, often originating from the base of the skull.
  • Neck pain.
  • Pain in the upper back, arms, or shoulders.
  • Stiffness in the neck and loss of range of motion.
  • Tingling or numbness in the arms.

Symptoms may or may not be present immediately and can develop within a few days or even weeks after the accident. Some people experience additional symptoms, such as blurry vision, difficulty concentrating, irritability, memory problems, trouble sleeping, ringing in the ears, and even depression. In serious cases, whiplash can have long-term effects.

Diagnosing Whiplash

Doctors can perform physical exams and use X-rays to test for whiplash, but some damage to soft tissue cannot be seen on X-rays. The doctor may also use an MRI or CT scan to create a more detailed image of the soft tissue structure.

Even with significant pain, it can be difficult to detect whiplash, which can make it difficult to recover compensation. There is a common misconception that whiplash happens only in cases of serious high-speed crashes, when in reality, whiplash occurs often after low-speed rear-end accidents. Insurance companies often try to deny claims for whiplash, so it is crucial to seek medical care after an accident immediately. The tests the doctor runs and the resulting medical records can help support a claim.

There are many factors that influence the severity of whiplash, including the size and weight of the vehicles that collide, the position of the seat and head rest, the person’s height and gender, and how they were seated.

Proving Whiplash

It is always important to see a medical professional after a car accident, regardless of whether or not you believe you have an injury. Then, you should contact the insurance company and let them know about the accident and your injury.

Keep all the paperwork related to the treatment of your injuries and your out-of-pocket costs, including medical records, doctor’s statements, insurance paperwork, mileage for travel to medical care, over-the-counter medications, lost income, and anything else directly related to your whiplash injury. All of this is evidence to support your claim. Information and evidence about the accident itself can be helpful too, such as photos and police reports.

When you are ready to file your personal injury claim, consult with an attorney. Having a professional handle can greatly simplify the process for you and reduce stress.

Wilmington Car Accident Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Advocate for Those Suffering From Whiplash

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