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What Are PFOS and PFOA Chemicals?

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PFOS and PFOA chemicals are environmental pollutants that can cause harm to the environment, humans, and animals. PFOS and PFOA chemicals are human-made and belong to a larger group of chemicals known as PFAS. They make products stain-resistant, stick-proof, grease-proof, and water-proof, and can be found in many products, including:

  • Artificial turf
  • Building and construction products
  • Carpets, car seats, rugs, textiles, window treatments
  • Firefighters’ personal protective equipment and firefighting foam
  • Food packaging, like pizza boxes, food wrappers, and take-out containers
  • Medical equipment and masks
  • Personal care products like makeup and dental floss
  • Water-proof and stain-proof clothes and outdoor gear

Since PFOS and PFOA have been widely distributed in many products, they also made their way into our air, soil, and groundwater. Known as “forever chemicals,” they are stable and persistent enough to last thousands of years.

 Are PFOS and PFOA Chemicals Still Used in Manufacturing?

Even small doses of PFAS raise the risks for health problems like liver disease, immunosuppression, high cholesterol, and cancer. That is why a 2005 class action lawsuit led to new laws prohibiting using PFOA and PFOS in manufacturing. Still, both have contaminated water systems and other locations all over the planet.

Since these are forever chemicals, they can still be found in many locations and cause health problems. A common source of exposure is water – if the PFOA/PFO levels in your area are higher than they should be, experts recommend using water filters or switching to bottled water.

Other safety precautions include swapping out traditional cleaning products for organic ones and not using coated food packaging or non-stick cookware. If there are landfills or chemical processing facilities near your home or office, the likelihood of contamination is higher. Should you have concerns, contact your local public water authority or an experienced environmental lawyer for advice.

Water Contamination Lawsuits

PFOA and PFOS use are not regulated at the federal level in this country, but that could change. For now, there are state regulations, and the EPA is studying these chemicals and the dangers related to their exposure.

Holding responsible parties liable for injuries may be possible if you join a toxic tort lawsuit. Class action suits have been filed against PFOA and PFOS manufacturers and distributors, and there will likely be more after more research is completed.

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