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Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Help My Car Accident Case?

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When you seek compensation after being injured in a car accident, you have the burden of proof to demonstrate that the other driver was negligent. Your attorney would gather evidence showing what happened in the car accident. The lawyer would then compare what the driver did to what a reasonable driver would have done to show how and why the driver was negligent. Some car accident cases are easier than others to prove, and you may need extra help to persuade the insurance company or a jury that someone else has a legal obligation to pay you.

Numerous sources of physical evidence can be used to prove your case. An attorney would often speak with witnesses who saw the car accident and rely on pictures from the crash scene. However, you may be dealing with a difficult situation where the other driver tells a completely different story than yours. They may know that they could face significant liability or want to put themselves in a position where they can receive financial compensation. When two drivers tell a completely different version of what happened, it is known as a “truth contest”. You are the one who has the obligation to break the deadlock if you want to be in a position to receive compensation.

You May Need an Expert Opinion

One of the toughest accidents to prove fault when the other driver is telling a different story occurs at an intersection. T-bone crashes are among the most dangerous types of car accidents because the front of one car strikes the broad side of another. The driver who struck the other may not necessarily be the one to blame for the accident. The driver who was hit could have run a red light or stop sign. If no witnesses can testify to what happened, it could be challenging for the insurance companies to determine fault.

Your lawyer may work with an accident reconstruction expert who can give their own opinion about the cause of the accident. Some professionals rely on principles of physics and mathematics to conclude what caused the crash. In most cases, your attorney would only turn to an accident reconstruction expert as a last resort when there is no other evidence of fault upon which you can rely.

For an accident reconstruction expert’s opinion to hold weight or be admissible in court, they must be qualified based on their experience. This qualification is essential as it establishes the expert’s expertise in the matter. Additionally, the expert must reach a reasonable conclusion based on the accident’s facts, relying on credible and appropriate scientific principles.

Be aware that the other driver may have an expert who may reach an opposite conclusion to yours. A car accident lawyer works with reputable accident reconstruction expert witnesses to place evidence in the record or in front of a jury that could show that the other driver was to blame for the accident. The hope is that you do not need to go as far as getting an accident reconstruction expert, but it is an option that your lawyer has available to them if you have no other means to prove liability. In addition, you may also use an accident reconstruction expert to contest an insurance company’s determination that you were partially to blame for the accident. They may argue about what you did in the lead-up to the accident when the insurance company tells a different story.

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