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McDole $1.5 Million Settlement Approved in Federal Court

Wilmington civil rights lawyers secure $1.5 million settlement for police shooting victimsA $1.5 million settlement has been approved and finalized in Federal Court for a lawsuit filed by civil rights attorney, Thomas C. Crumplar on behalf of the family of Jeremy “Bam” McDole. McDole, who was confined to a wheelchair, was fatally shot by four Wilmington police officers in September 2015. His heartbroken family initiated the lawsuit against the police officers, citing that the shooting stemmed from racial discrimination.

Although the lawsuit has been settled, the parties have agreed that the facts of the case are still in dispute. The settlement does not amount to an admission of guilt by the Wilmington police, nor a concession by the victim’s family that their claims were unfounded. Federal authorities state they found no evidence of excessive force used by the police officers in this case, and the claims remain disputed.

Another stipulation of the settlement is a recommendation that the police department implement a thorough use of force policy that establishes when force is necessary, and provide proper training regarding de-escalation procedures for officers. Detailed procedures would include using cover to lessen threat exposure, verbal calming techniques for distraught individuals, and calling for backup assistance if needed.

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